Globe Express gets Lebanon freight forwarding contract

Globe Express Services secures deal with Lebanon’s ABC SAL for freight forwarding of products throughout Europe.
Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO, Globe Express Services.
Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO, Globe Express Services.


Globe Express Services and ABC SAL, one of Lebanon’s premier shopping and lifestyle destinations, have announced a collaboration for the transport of their products throughout Europe and the Gulf countries.

According to the terms of this collaboration, GES will provide services, including on time collection and storage, air and sea freight console boxes, account management and featured services.

The service will utilize GES’s global expertise and the company’s SMART Solutions in the Gulf & Europe markets.

“The latest collaboration with ABC brings another retail conglomerate into our portfolio of clients, further strengthening our presence in the retail sector,” said Mustapha Kawam, president & CEO, Globe Express Services. “Globe Express Services specialises in offering a highly reliable, seamless and efficient service, which will be a major driver for this partnership. We are confident that our agile and creative solutions will help to better integrate transport flow with advanced capability to track the flow of ABC’s logistics and freight volumes distribution.”

“Logistics is an essential part of our business and we have partnered with Globe Express Services to ensure a better collaboration with all our wholesalers and manufacturing partners,” adds Mansour El Ashkar, supply chain manager, ABC SAL. “Through this partnership, we look forward to track all of our contacts, pricing, and distribution systems to gain unparalleled flexibility. Globe Express Services enjoy an excellent reputation in operational logistics and we are confident that they will enhance our customer service and boost our logistic cycle speed. Lastly, with optimized freight transmission, we will surely preserve our sustainability goals too.”

“This new collaboration win is a testament to the effectiveness of our supply chain solutions and to the leading services we can offer to the businesses,” added Mounir Asmar, regional business development manager, Globe Express Services. “ABC is a great addition to our marketing leading retail portfolio of clients and we are looking forward to developing a long time partnership with them. We are extremely confident that the operational plan will realize its full potential in the near future.”

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