VIDEO: Boeing 747 makes emergency landing on two wheels

A British Airways Boeing 747 was forced to make an emergency landing on two wheels at Heathrow due to a hydraulic fault.


The pilots of flight BA295 have been hailed as heroes after they safely landed the fully loaded Boeing 747 on just two wheels after a failure in the plane’s hydraulic system.

A Boeing 747 undercarriage has five sets of wheels, but the hydraulic fault prevented the plane’s portside wheels from deploying.

The BA295 flight, was bound for Chicago on Friday, 29 January, when the 'technical problems' arose, just two hours after take-off. The plane was turned around and prepared for an emergency landing at Heathrow International in London.

As a safety measure, jet fuel was dumped while the flight was kept in a holding pattern at 9,000-feet, before making its final decent for landing.

According to the UK Mirror, there was a huge round of applause when the plane safely touched down and social media has included messages of praise for the airline and the pilots from passengers and their friends and family.

Footage of the aircraft coming in to land clearly shows the missing sets of wheels. It was captured by an aircraft enthusiast as he drove along a road parallel with the runway.

Watch the video below


The British Airways 747 was surrounded by emergency vehicles after touching down and passengers were transferred to another plane for the flight.

Passengers were reportedly told to de-plane the aircraft one row at a time to prevent it tipping over.

Several passengers, including one pregnant woman, were too anxious after the incident to board the new plane and elected to miss the flight.