LogistaaS gives GCC freight forwarders competitive edge

A new software developed in Jordan allows small, local freight forwarders to better compete with major global players.
Ahmad Abdel-Yaman, LogistaaS co-founder and chief technology officer, LogistaaS
Ahmad Abdel-Yaman, LogistaaS co-founder and chief technology officer, LogistaaS


LogistaaS, an online software solution for freight forwarding companies, has debuted its product in Amman, in a launching event held under the patronage of the Jordan Logistics Association.

At the event, a demo of the system was presented, and its various modules were explained to members of the Jordanian logistics community.

“Local and regional freight forwarders have several advantages over global ones; they are more flexible, faster to react, and in many cases have more local influence,” said Ahmad Abdel-Yaman, LogistaaS co-founder and chief technology officer.

“However, when it comes to the technology used, small and medium forwarders lag significantly behind global ones due to the investment inquired to get a state-of-the-art solution,” he added. “And this is where LogistaaS comes in; our mission is to empower freight forwarders through world-class technology.”

LogistaaS comes with four major modules, namely the shipments management, the customer relationship management, the inquiries and offers management, and the reports modules. LogistaaS also integrates with third party software such as accounting or tracking systems, and can produce the files or documents required for customs, airport, or port systems.

“We are very proud of this local achievement, which is at the same level as solutions offered by international companies that have existed for many years,” said Nabil Khatib, chairman of the Jordan Logistics Association. “At a time when supply chains are becoming more integrated, technology is becoming critical for the competitiveness of freight forwarders, and we are certain that LogistaaS will make great contributions to the logistics industry in Jordan and the Middle East.”

The development of LogistaaS started early in 2014, and a soft launch took place in September 2015, when some pioneering local logistics companies in Jordan started using the system. After the significant success reported by its early adopters, LogistaaS has launched officially to the public.

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