DP World plans to energise and enable engaged employees

DP World’s bi-annual ‘Employee Engagement Survey’ suggests port operator needs to engage, energise and enable its employees better.
Sultan Bin Sulayem, chairman, DP World.
Sultan Bin Sulayem, chairman, DP World.


DP World’s bi-annual ‘Employee Engagement Survey’, completed in 2015, revealed staff views on the company’s greatest strengths and provided feedback on areas to improve.

Following the success of the ‘My World Global Employee Engagement Survey’ in 2008, 2011 and 2013, DP World once again enlisted global research and consulting company Towers Watson to conduct the fourth review.


The survey gives DP World’s employees and stakeholders an opportunity to express their views on a variety of matters relating to the organisation.

These range from corporate and environmental responsibility, communication, customer service, diversity, pay and benefits, performance management and career development opportunities.

When it comes to learning and development opportunities, the survey revealed a strong and positive sentiment toward induction and orientation training for new joiners, as well as a continued focus on existing staff to ensure they are adequately prepared to carry out their responsibilities.

Supporting diversity was another top scorer, highlighting DP World’s effort to provide a work environment that is accepting of ethnic, gender and religious differences.

The survey also revealed that the company could be more proactive in its sustainable engagement efforts by continuing to focus on specific key drivers of sustainable engagement.

These included promoting career development through training and encouraging communication from top management, as well as upholding its focus on providing a working environment that is safe for all.

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At the same time, employees said that they are proud of their employer and are keen to tell others that they work at DP World.

“Our people are our greatest asset,” says DP World chairman Sultan Bin Sulayem. “Their skills, expertise and professionalism lie at the heart of our success over the years and into the future. We believe that employees need to be engaged, enabled and energised to perform, something that needs to be sustained over time.”
“Only by benchmarking employee needs and getting their feedback can we move forward as a global company and the My World survey provides valuable insights for us to do that, shaping the direction we take as a business,” he added.

DP World is working towards a ‘Sustainable Engagement Model’, which argues that it is no longer enough for employees to be engaged for them to perform at the level required, they also need to be enabled and energised.

Enabled employees are those who have the skills and tools to translate their engagement into productivity and energised employees work in a healthy environment that promotes their well-being on a social, physical and emotional level. All three combined create a sustainably engaged workforce.

The fourth survey has helped DP World review the effectiveness of the actions taken in light of past results, follow up on the changes in employee perception since 2013 as well as continue obtaining feedback on work-related issues.

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