INTERVIEW: Rajesh Gopinath, Multi Mech

Rajesh Gopinath, managing director, Multi Group of companies, shares his thoughts on Multi Mech's involvement in the recent Materials Handling Middle East 2015.
Rajesh Gopina.
Rajesh Gopina.
Rajesh Gopina chats to H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the board & executive director of Dubai's RTA.
Rajesh Gopina chats to H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the board & executive director of Dubai's RTA.


How important is being present at Materials Handling Middle East for Multi Mech?

It is very important for Mech and its group companies to participate in Material Handling Middle East, since we represent Doosan Industrial vehicles in  most GCC Countries. 

It was our first trade show related to materials handling, therefore it was very important for us to showcase our products and services, which will reach key customers and decision makers across the Middle East.

During the show, Multi Mech displayed about 15 various types of equipment manufactured by Doosan, which includes Diesel, LPG, Electric FORKLIFT and warehousing products for all types of Industries. Other than the product range, we also displayed a very specific machins that is specifically manufactured for aluminium and steel smelter application, and we are the only company in the Middle East who has such a special application machine.

What were you aims of taking part?
Since Doosan ranked as world 14 top material handling manufacturer, we were very proud and confident in taking part in Materials Handling Middle East. At the same time, Mulit Mech is as single dealer that operates throughout most GCC countries, so it was very important that we lauch our product in this event and let our customers know that a single company can provide services in five countries, which includes the warranty, after sales service, unique pricing pattern, etc. This will be beneficial for companies who have braches througout this region instead of their product been serviced by various agencies at various pricing and benefit.

Multi Mech - Doosan has the complete product range to meet customer requirements as a one-stop-solution. Furthermore, Multi Mech has been in the industry for the last 14 years and is a strong after-market name in the industry, providing  multiple product quality after sales services, and become a pioneers in the industry.

Multi Mech is easy to do business with and the product we carry will certainly benefit all our customers in the region. Furthermore, Multi Mech provides a rental, leasing and outsourcing solution with brand new equipment, which will avoid breakdowns and downtime, while increasing the productivity and safety of workers and products.

During the show Multi Mech welcomed about 600 customers who are looking for a single vendor to provide the total solution ware. Multi Mech is the only solution in the industry at reasonable rates currently in this region.

Did the event meet your expectations?
Multi Mech - Doosan is very  happy about the event and it certainly met our expectations. We are very thankful to the show organisers, who organised the wonderful show arrangement. The quality of the exhibitors and visitors has increased.

What can you tell me about your booth at the show and what you presented at the event? Did you launch any new products?
We believe we had one of the best pavilions with  an entertainment programme; the show was very colourful and informative. All our customers were delighted with our varied programme and our staff are trained to handle each customer who passes by our booth.

Multi Mech launched new products at this event, specifically for the alumina and steel smelter application with air condition cabin machine. We displayed a five-tonne forklift with OIL cooled disc break, heavy duty cooling module, insulated components and hoses to withstand the high radiant temperature; cabin glasses made of 220 degree Celsius (°C) special class, which will not be breaking at the smelter plant therefore increasing the safety of the wearer and plant in general; special belly plates to withstand the magnetic force and dust ingress; six-cylinder Doosan 92 HP engine designed for smelter application; additional pre-flirtation system and special tyres made for smelter application.

This product was the main attraction to our visitors and also to our competitors; we found all of our competitors taking thepictures and videos of the product, and specifications displayed.

What were this year's highlights for you?
We thought that most big names did not participate in this event, such as CAT, Komatsu, Hyundai,TCM, Clark and aother major brands. Being a Korean manufacturer, we were the only company who had participated in this event.  

Our favorite aspect of the event was that many VIP customers including the UAE Government and oil & gas companies'  top officials visited. During our interaction with those VIPs we found that they are looking for a cost effective solution with a high quality product; most companies are not happy with the services  they are receiving from other brands in the market, and Doosan and Multi Mech fit their requirements.

Multi Mech had a chance to meet with large corporations who would like to be associated with us.

Will you be at the next show in 2017?
Yes, we will be exibiting at the 2017 show with a larger space than this year.

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