Tristar releases third sustainability report

Tristar completed the full year of 2014 without any fatality, major injury or environmental damage.
The latest Tristar Sustainability Reportpictured at a three-day sustainability reporting training course in Dubai.
The latest Tristar Sustainability Reportpictured at a three-day sustainability reporting training course in Dubai.


Dubai-based integrated liquid logistics leader Tristar has released its third annual sustainability report at the Arabia CSR Network’s (ACSRN) Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting training course in Dubai.

The ACSRN’s event from September 8 to 10 provided an ideal forum to launch the report, which covers Tristar’s activities in 2014, considering the network was training corporate social responsibility (CSR) and communications professionals on how to write sustainability reports based on the GRI G4 framework.

One of the G4 Guidelines was to drive organisations to prepare more relevant and credible sustainability reports by focusing on the topics that are material to their business and their key stakeholders, thus enabling such sustainability reporting to become standard practice.

With the theme ‘The Extra Mile – Beyond Logistics,’ Tristar has followed this guideline to solicit more feedbacks from external stakeholders which it conducted on April15, 2015 at its head office in Jebel Ali.

“This reporting year we have taken a step forward and invited our external stakeholders to provide feedback on the 2013 sustainability report and materiality assessment. In order to collect the feedback, we hosted a workshop where some of our suppliers, contractors and clients participated in an open discussion aimed at understanding their expectations and interests pertaining to Tristar,” said Tristar’s chief sustainability officer, Muhammad Akber.

Explaining the theme, Tristar Group CEO Eugene Mayne said: “First and foremost we are a responsible company that happens to be in the logistics business. Towards this end we are committed to conducting ourselves and managing our day to day business activities in a socially responsible manner.

"This means no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. While our business efforts are focused on growing shareholder value we always keep one eye on the impact of our business on the communities in which we operate and we cannot do this if we are not prepared to go the extra mile to achieve our non-financial goals.”

The latest report covers Tristar’s operations in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan and Guam while Haiti and South Sudan are partially covered.

“We were able to complete the full year (2014) without any fatality, major injury and environmental damage. On the compliance front, we introduced the whistle blowing policy and recorded zero cases of fraudulent or unlawful conducted,” Akber added. 

The report was submitted to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Tristar has been a member of the UNGC since 2011.

The Arabia CSR Network is the first GRI certified training partner in the Arabic speaking Middle East countries. It has helped build the capacity of more than 200 CSR professionals from over 130 organisations representing 26 different industries across the MENA region to develop their organisation’s sustainability reports.

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