VIDEO: 100 years of turbochargers in ship propulsion

A look at the history of turbocharging technology and its impact on marine propulsion to this day, 100 years on from its first patent.


In 1905, Dr. Alfred Büchi, a Swiss engineer patented the turbocharging technology. Alfred Büchi believed combustion engines were not efficient enough and set out to investigate ways of making them more efficient.

Turbocharging ?is one of a few rare inventions that come with only benefits. With a turbocharger, engine power output is increased, emissions are lowered, fuel consumption is reduced and costs are saved.

It is a technology that has been integral to the progress made in ship design and propulsion. In fact, as the video below shows, it has remained at the forefront of marine propulsion even up to 2015 and will remain so in the years to come.

"ABB Turbocharging invites you to embark on a journey to relive the distinguished history of the turbocharging technology and envision its equally outstanding future," the group says in a release.

Watch the video below.