Sohar Port appoints new executive commercial manager

Marc Evertse replaces Edwin Lammers as executive commercial manager at Sohar Port and Freezone.
Marc Evertse (top) replaces Edwin Lammers (bottom).
Marc Evertse (top) replaces Edwin Lammers (bottom).


Sohar Port and Freezone welcomes a new executive commercial manager this week, as Edwin Lammers heads back to The Netherlands after more than seven years in Oman to take on a senior management post at the Port of Rotterdam.

Marc Evertse, previously a senior project manager at Port of Rotterdam International, will be taking over from Edwin Lammers and brings more than 24 years of experience with him, including a stint as business development manager for Sohar back in 2003, where he was involved in the early planning stages at the port.

Evertse has fulfilled a number of international roles; most recently he worked as senior project manager for Port of Rotterdam International, where he was responsible for managing major boardroom consultancy and port development projects. Prior to that Marc worked as the area manager of the commercial division for South Asia, Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

As the company gears up for the change, Sohar Port CEO, Andre Toet, comments: “Edwin has played a pivotal role in turning Sohar into the world-recognised brand that is today and we are extremely sad to say goodbye to him. Marc was here at Sohar right at the beginning of the planning phase in 2003, we are delighted to welcome him to the team and we look forward to working with him to take Sohar to the next level.”

Sohar’s new executive commercial manager, Marc Evertse, comments: “As a relatively young enterprise, Sohar has already made a major impact on the global ports industry with its continued rapid growth and expansion. I’m extremely excited to be re-joining the business during this crucial period. Soon we will have the addition of the region’s first dedicated agro-terminal in the Port. Food is always a critical business and we believe that Sohar can play a significant role for the entire region, not only as an import and export hub, but also as a food processing centre.”

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