DP World: Tianjin terminal unaffected by huge explosion

DP World and PSA says operations at Tianjin terminals continue as normal following massive explosion that killed dozens.
A huge blast radius around the warehouse shows the extent of the explosions' power.
A huge blast radius around the warehouse shows the extent of the explosions' power.


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A DP World spokesperson has confirmed that the Dubai-based terminal operator’s facilities at Tianjin Orient Container Terminal (TOCT), which is 15 km from the site of Wednesday’s deadly explosion, have not been impacted by the disaster.

DP World says that operations have continued as normal following the blast, with killed 50 people and left hundreds injured, 71 of them critically.

PSA, which runs joint venture container terminals in Tianjin, also said that operations had not been affected.

PSA has stakes in Tianjin Port Alliance International Container Terminal (TACT) and the port’s largest terminal, Tianjin Port Pacific International Container Terminal (TPCT).

A port official has confirmed in an interview with Reuters that the port is “operating as normal”.

Among those killed are 17 firefighters with 18 still missing. Following the explosion late Wednesday night, six battalions of firefighters were dispatched to bring the blaze under control.

Thirty-six hours, fire crew are still fighting the flames, with secondary explosions reported Saturday and Sunday.

The initial explosions, which contained the equivalent of three tonnes of TNT and the second with the equivalent of 21 tonnes, sent shockwaves through the city that damaged buildings and knocked people over several kilometres away.

The blast is believed to have been caused by a shipment of explosives in a warehouse for hazardous goods operated by Ruihai Logistics, at the Chinese port of Tianjin north of Beijing.

The official Xinhua News agency said an initial explosion triggered other blasts nearby; the National Earthquake Bureau reported two major blasts before midnight.

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