Two Saudi aircraft collide at Jeddah airport

Two Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft are slightly damaged at King Abdulaziz International.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.


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by Tamara Pupic

An accident involving two Saudi Arabian Airlines aircraft at King Abdulaziz International Airport occurred in Jeddah on Monday, an airport source told the Saudi Gazette.

A minor collision happened when an Airbus 320, which was pulling out of a hangar, hit one of the wings of a Boeing 777 that was coming in for maintenance.

"There weren’t any injuries recorded and the quality assurance directorate is investigating the incident," said the source.

"The accident happened due to a failure in following rules and procedures. The maintenance crew responsible for the negligence will be punished,” he added.

The Makkah daily reported on Tuesday that the collision created a dent in the tail of the Airbus and one of the Boeing's wings was damaged.

The source confirmed that the damage seemed minor, but added that the cost of repairing it would be huge. “Saudi Arabian Airlines will not compromise on the quality of its airplanes and compliance with safety regulations,” he said.

The Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries is responsible for the maintenance of all Saudi airplanes.

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