Middle East drivers 'replacing their cars more often'

Vehicle marketplace Carmudi has revealed motorists in the region are replace their cars three times more often than motorists in the US.
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The average age of a vehicle listed in the Middle East is 5.1 years, according to research carried out by vehicle marketplace Carmudi.ae, which is in stark contrast to other regions, such as the US where the average age of a vehicle is 11.5 years and Africa where the average is 12.8 years.

Gas is relatively inexpensive in the Middle East, compared with the rest of the world, and GDP per capita is higher, leading to motorists  replacing their vehicles more often, Carmudi asserts.

It analysed hundreds of thousands of vehicle listings in the last quarter to determine the average age of vehicles in Carmudi regions, and revealed the average age of vehicles listed in Saudi Arabia is 3.8 years and in the UAE it is 5.2 years.

“The diverse economy in the region, higher bracket of incomes and consistent offers from dealerships and banks have lead to an ease in car purchasing.

"As a result, the average age of vehicles on the road is much lower,” commented Mohamed Noweir, managing director of Carmudi Middle East.

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