Five Minutes With: S.A. TALKE's Oliver Klingbeil

S.A. TALKE's main focus is providing logistic services for chemical and petrochemical manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.
Oliver klingbeil is managing director of S.A. TALKE.
Oliver klingbeil is managing director of S.A. TALKE.


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What is your role at S.A. TALKE?

I am the managing director of S.A. TALKE, which is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Besides the classical job of an managing director, one of my main objectives is the operational implementation and further development of the company´s quality philosophy – our claim to support customers´ businesses with high-quality and highly efficient specialist logistics services. This means it is my responsibility to keep in excess of 1,100 employees continuously aligned to safe and reliable international standards of service. Going beyond this, it is also up to me to motivate and empower employees to act as a team and provide best in class logistics services with the utmost adherence to safety standards for one of KSA´s first industries: the petrochemical sector. And as you would expect of an MD, another aspect of my role is continuously adjusting our range of services to the development of this industry for the years to come.

What attracted you to working in this industry?
I strongly believe in the saying that ‘if it doesn’t challenge you – it doesn’t change you’. I have been working in various segments of the logistics industry for over 30 years now and it is the excitement of the new challenges and opportunities in this dynamic industry that attracts me the most. Furthermore, I also enjoy to keep myself engaged in the day-to-day business of the organisation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The favourite parts of my job includes the opportunity to work closely with my team members. It makes me very proud to work with my team, because they care about the company and doing a great job. We promote a positive team environment throughout the organisation ,so all team members can work closely and transparently therefore any accomplishment of the team is success for S.A. TALKE. Hence, the success stories of S.A. TALKE are the accomplishment of the team.

What can we expect from S.A. TALKE during the rest of the year?
S.A. TALKE is looking into different segments for new opportunities to increase our service portfolio for our customers and also to make sure we are competitive. We have planned some further investments for a multi user facility and we aim to expand our footsteps in the Western Region of the Kingdom in the near future. Last, but not least we will staff our capacities for hazardous goods logistics consultancy in order to implement the next level of specialist logistics services for our customers in the KSA services for our customers in Saudi Arabia. Last but not least we will continue to strengthen our capabilities for hazardous goods handling and consultancy in order to implement the next level of specialist logistics services for our customers in the KSA.

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