DHL delivers thousands of kilos in food donations

DHL employees across 14 MENA countries participated in providing dry food products to underprivileged workers, homeless people and low income families.
DHL staff during the donation drive.
DHL staff during the donation drive.


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Employees of DHL Express held donation drives from Morocco to Afghanistan to support charities during the holy month of Ramadan, covering 14 countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

The activities included collecting donations, distributing Iftar meals and delivering thousands of boxes containing several kilos of dry food products to underprivileged workers and low income families.

In the UAE, DHL staff collaborated with Beit Al Khair Society, a charity organisation created to alleviate hardships faced by citizens and provide assistance to those in need.

Staff placed collection boxes for donations towards food boxes at their facilities in Meydan, Jebel Ali and Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport as part of the efforts, and then distributed 500 boxes of food in the UAE, containing items chosen to help recipients cook nutritious meals for Iftar and Suhoor.

The company also donated 200 Iftar meals to Beit Al Khair's charity tent, which was set up to provide a comfortable venue for people to come and break their fast during the holy month.

Nour Suliman, CEO Middle East & North Africa, said: “We are incredibly proud of our colleagues in the UAE and across the region for their drive and commitment.

"Giving, compassion and solidarity are some of the main virtues that Ramadan fosters, and I really admire the commitment and dedication shown by the team to lend a hand to those in need.

"It is important to get involved and give back to the community and people around us in any way possible; this is an integral part of our on-going CSR activities that are carried out through the year.

"We choose to act; we choose to do what we can to make a difference in the lives of people around us and it’s always great to see our staff getting directly involved.”

Across the region, DHL staff distributed the food boxes by partnering with different NGOs in each country.

In Saudi Arabia, DHL staff in Riyadh, Damam and Jeddah packed and delivered food boxes totalling over 7,000 kilos to families in deprived neighbourhoods.

In addition, over 3,000 iftar boxes containing dates and laban were distributed to motorists stuck in traffic across the Kingdom at iftar time.

In Oman, DHL staff collected, packed and distributed over 300 food boxes with the Al Maddah and Al Rahma charities to help families in need in the Dakhiliya and Muscat regions respectively.

In Qatar, staff donated money for 500 food boxes to be delivered to underprivileged families in Egypt and Jordan.

In Jordan, DHL staff distributed 450 food boxes; 250 of which came courtesy of DHL Qatar, through charity organisation Tikeyyet Um Ali.

In Kuwait, similar food boxes were delivered and shared amongst 260 underprivileged labourers and families, while an additional 30 boxes were donated to various disadvantaged families across the country.

In Bahrain, DHL staff engaged in a number of activities including delivering food boxes to 150 families through the Palm Association, and handing out small meal boxes to drivers stuck in traffic during Iftar time.

Staff in Manama also arranged for Bahrain’s national ice hockey team to skate and interact with orphans in Manama at the ice skating rink.

In Algeria, staff purchased and delivered fresh food to two associations, the Lions Club of Algiers and Saberinnelle, both of which are serving meals to homeless people throughout Ramadan. Thirty volunteers from DHL helped lend a hand as part of these efforts, and served Iftar to over 300 people over two evenings.

In Egypt, 11,000 food packages and 250 food boxes donated by DHL Qatar were distributed to families in need across the country in partnership with the Egyptian Food Bank, while DHL staff in Morocco, Mauritania, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan delivered boxes of food to poor communities and charities.

In a statement, DHL says it focuses on environmental protection, humanitarian assistance and education as part of its CSR strategy, and supports employee volunteerism.

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