Iranian destroyer saves oil tanker from attack

An Iranian warship has prevented a suspected pirate attack on an oil tanker, the navy reports
The Iranian destroyer Alborz intervened in a suspected pirate attack on an Iranian oil tanker
The Iranian destroyer Alborz intervened in a suspected pirate attack on an Iranian oil tanker


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The Iranian warship Alborz has foiled an attempted pirate attack on an Iranian tanker in international waters, the state news agency IRNA reports, without giving the location in which the attack took place.

The destroyer Alborz intervened to assist the tanker after it reported that an open launch piloted by suspected pirates was steering toward the ship, the name of which was not given.

“The well-timed presence of the Iranian naval forces at the scene made the pirates run away from that region,” IRNA quoted Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, deputy commander of the Iranian Navy, as saying.

The incident was reported Tuesday, but is believed to have taken place on June 5th. Alborz has been deployed to the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden with the 34th Iranian fleet, which includes the helicopter carrier Bushehr.

The anti-piracy mission began on April 8th and was on Tuesday concluded with the warships docking in the Port of Muscat in Oman, where commander of the 34th naval fleet, Captain Mostafa Tajeddini said the naval force would focus on promoting a message of regional peace with neighbours.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are currently fighting a third party war in Yemen, where Tehran is accused of supporting the Houthi rebels with weapons – a charge Iran denies.

Saudi Arabia, which has given exile to ousted president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, has launched airstrikes on the rebels in an effort to help Hadi’s backers retake the capital Sanaa and restore him to power.

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