Volvo Trucks ME is training the region's truck drivers

Run by qualified instructors in Sweden, the Volvo Trucks Driver Development Programme covers health and safety, safety and fuel consumption.
Khalil Shir Mohammed, driver training manager, UAE
Khalil Shir Mohammed, driver training manager, UAE


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Volvo Trucks Middle East is offering a comprehensive driver development programme to further educate professional truck drivers in the Middle East.

Run by qualified instructors in Sweden, who possess extensive experience of the truck and transport industry, the range of topics covered by the Volvo Trucks Driver Development Programme includes health and safety, efficient driving skills and product knowledge. 

It is designed to educate regional trainers so that they can, in turn, train local drivers on working with leading Volvo Trucks features such as I-Shift and Dynafleet, to ensure minimal internal energy is lost whilst optimising uptime and fuel consumption.

Ian Drury, head of the driver development programme in the Middle East, said: “A large percentage of our customer's business success is dependent on the productivity of its drivers and fleet.

"A skilled, dedicated driver is proven to be more productive, drive more fuel-efficiently and recognise the importance of safety.

Today's drivers do not just drive trucks, they’re effectively driving businesses. Our programme can result in up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, improved vehicle uptime, greater safety for the driver and other road users, resulting in increased poductivity for our customer's businesses.”

In a statement, the Swedish premium truck manufacturer said safety for drivers and road users is at the heart of its core values.

Drury added: “The driver development 'train the trainer' courses provided by our qualified trainers in Sweden, support our regional trainers to develop our customer's drivers in the region.

"These programmes have helped raise our drivers awareness of safety on the road, thus helping to reduce the number of accidents and improving the uptime of our vehicles.

"We also gain from the use of Volvo Trucks specific features such as Dynafleet. This service allows the customer to track the fuel consumption of their entire fleet and help drivers improve their driving habits, reducing parts wear and tear annd keeping in mind safety, fuel efficiency and environmental care.”

Under the programme, Volvo Trucks trainers also learn about the enhanced I-Shift gearbox, which was upgraded with Volvo’s new FH, FM and FMX ranges in 2014.

This new technology, designed for heavy long haulage and construction applications, offers up to 7% fuel efficiency and the combination of a well trained driver and the I–Shift can save businesses 3% in fuel costs compared to a manual gear changing system.

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