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Premier BALtrans is planning to boost its presence in Qatar following a surge in demand for logistics services, explains Selby Chacko, country senior manager of Premier BALtrans Qatar.


Premier BALtrans is planning to boost its presence in Qatar following a surge in demand for logistics services, explains Selby Chacko, country senior manager of Premier BALtrans Qatar.

BALtrans has successfully established its brand within the global logistics industry. When did the company start its operations in Qatar?

We commenced operations in July 2007, following a partnership between Dyarco International Trading Company, which is a subsidiary of Al Faisal Holding in Qatar, and Premiere BALtrans Middle East.

Under the agreement, Dyarco International has acquired 40% ownership of Premier BALtrans Qatar, while 60% is owned by Premier BALtrans Middle East.

What prompted BALtrans to enter the Qatari market and form this local partnership with Dyarco International Trading?

Qatar is a very strategic country for BALtrans because of the phenomenal growth it has witnessed over the past two years, in addition to the close proximity it shares with Saudi Arabia.

In terms of selecting Dyarco International Trading as a partner, the company has established its presence as one of the largest corporates in Qatar, making it the obvious choice for Premier BALtrans.

It has a truly diverse interest in several different industries throughout the Middle East, with the main principles and associates including the likes of DHL, Federal Express, Maersk Sealand, Maersk Oil and Jotun Paints.

How strong is market demand for logistics services in Qatar?

The logistics industry is very strong in Qatar, despite the entry of various international operators during the past two or three years. The country has the highest economic growth in the Gulf, with the highest GDP per capita in the world, which has created huge potential for professional logistics companies.

In particular, market segments such as oil and gas, construction and tourism have significantly grown over the past five years and forecasts are suggesting this will continue at full pace for the next decade. This is why Premier BALtrans has opened its office in Qatar and we are here to stay.


How will Premier BALtrans Qatar differentiate itself from competitors in the local logistics industry?

We are providing a complete solution for customers, a one-stop shop for all shipping and forwarding requirements. The operation is aligned with the biggest families in Qatar and offers customised, flexible, prompt and cost-effective logistics solutions without hampering efficiency.

In addition, thanks to the relationship with Toll Australia, which is now the parent company for BALtrans, we have a large global network to cater towards the demands of each customer.

Which industries are you planning to target?

A broad range of industries fall within our group and Premier BALtrans Qatar will initially focus on providing logistics solutions for organisations within this family.

Through the association with Premier, Dyarco and Al Faisal Holding, we have direct access to a huge number of companies in several different industries, with the main trade lanes including India, China, United States and United Kingdom.

The services being offered and the markets being targeted are relatively wide at this stage because we're still in the early development stages.

Can you provide some details on your warehousing facilities?

At the moment, we have formed a partnership with one of Qatar's largest warehousing and distribution centres. We have approximately 25,000m2 of warehousing space available at the industrial estate, which offers ambient and cool temperature storage. We also provide open air space, as well as container stuffing and de-stuffing.

How will Premier BALtrans Qatar develop its market position in the future?

We have a number of plans to develop the company in the future. This includes further acquisitions on a local level, together with increases in the range of services being provided.

As the business continues to grow, we will constantly be recruiting, training and developing staff to enhance the standard of customer service. It's essential to have a quality workforce to ensure that each customer receives full satisfaction at the end of their transactions.

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