Legal action sought after Emirati vessels attacked

UAE fishing vessels and Emirati captains reportedly beaten by Iranian naval patrols in Arabian Gulf
Iranian naval patrols increasingly harrasing UAE fishing vessels say reports
Iranian naval patrols increasingly harrasing UAE fishing vessels say reports


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The RAK Fishermen Cooperative Society has asked UAE authorities to seek legal action against Iran after reports emerged that an Emirati captain and his crew were physically assaulted by an Iranian naval patrol in the Arabian Gulf.

The UAE-registered fishing vessel is the latest to come under attack after four other Emirati-owned fishing vessels and their crews were assaulted, according to Khaleej Times.

The first incident saw an Emirati Nukhada or boat captain, and his three crew attacked by an Iranian marine patrol in international waters, 16 nautical miles off the coasts of Ras Al Khaimah.

According to the fishermen, the Iranian patrol chased the 42-year-old Emirati fisherman and three Asian crew from 21 nautical miles off the UAE coast, eventually boarding the vessel when it broke down.

The Emirati captain and three crew members were then allegedly “severely thrashed” according to reports. Khaleej Times reports that the naval patrol had intended to seize the vessel and arrest the crew, but physically assaulted them instead after finding that the vessel had broken down.

Khalifa Al Muhairi, chairman of the RAK Fishermen Cooperative Society, has said the UAE bodies concerned have been informed of the assault to take legal action and protect the rights and properties of Emirati fishermen.

In recent weeks there have also been reports of a 40-year-old Emirati fishermen who was pursued in international waters by an Iranian patrol, that captain managed to enter UAE territorial waters before the patrol could overhaul him.

Three other Emirati motorboats have been stopped and harassed by Iranian naval patrol in international waters for no clear reason, but there were no reports of physical assault in those instances earlier this year.

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