INTERVIEW: Jon Phillips, NewAge Software and Solutions

NewAge develops and delivers technology enabled business solutions for the logistics and freight forwarding sectors.
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Five minutes with... Jon Phillips, who works in sales at Dubai-based NewAge Software and Solutions.

Can you give me an overview of regional companies who use your products?
eFreight Suite is a comprehensive ERP solution for logistics/freight forwarding organisations. It’s a product which has been developed for more than 15 years. Some well established and multinational logistics companies like Aratrans, FreightWorks, AMI Middle East, IMA, Emirates Logistics, Able Freight, Agil Freight and others, have been using our ERP solution to run their businesses effectively and efficiently; eFreight Suite has more than 5,000 users across 30 countries.

Can you elaborate on e-freight Suite? How does it bring value to your customers?
eFreight Suite was built to be able to handle all processes of a freight forwarding transaction. The system efficiently handles all freight forwarding transactions as well as NVOCC, WMS and relocations, right from the quotation stage through to the financials. It has separate modules for the different activities, since there are different people/roles handling the different activities, but all the modules flow data between them, so there is no data duplication and a seamless work flow. Auto triggers are customisable and can be generated at various milestones in the transaction to make sure that the customers are always in the know. All necessary documents can be directly generated from the system and sent to the customer. Since the accounting system is integrated into eFreight Suite, automated credit controls are in place with customer outstanding reports. Multiple EDI connectivities are in place which allow for seamless and instantaneous electronic transacting with carriers, port authorities and customs. The system being all encompassing has multiple reports with BI tool, available across the various categories for sales analysis, customer analysis, product analysis or P & L analysis. Our e-Commerce module offers a variety of online tools and services for the end customers.

What were NewAge's milestones in 2014?
Last year was an important year for NewAge. We advanced on three critical fronts:

1. We implemented some major changes to our WMS and NVOCC modules, making eFreight Suite more robust. We focused on a few key industry verticals (for the WMS module), and adapted the module to efficiently and robustly handle WMS activities and transactions across those spaces.
2. We opened a new 300-seat Knowledge Process Outsourcing centre in Chennai to help clients enhance their processes and improve productivity.
3. We acquired and integrated a transport management software, which opens up a new segment of the market to us.

What industry trends do you foresee for 2015?
The supply chain is becoming broader, with 3PL providers taking over more and more activities for their customers. The industry has also started embracing technology more, and having B2B solutions to improve internal processes as well as integration technologies to transact are becoming more and more common place, if not the standard. These are the areas we're putting a bigger focus on developing solutions and integrations that help 3PL providers handle bigger pieces of the supply chain.

How do you see this year developing for NewAge Software?
There are a lot of exciting things happening for NewAge, right from the product itself and the changes we're making, to entering new markets, to new solutions and offerings. On the product side, we’ve refocused in a big way to enhance our product line, and will be adding some exciting new features to the product, as well as modules for different aspects of the supply chain. We are also investing in new technologies, to both improve our current ERP product and the interfaces, as well as to add multi-platform applications for certain key features and functionality. We plan on developing an active presence in a few new markets this year and have already implemented a few customers in those new markets. One of the big product offerings we are adding to our portfolio is the KPO services. We have built a state-of-the-art center in Chennai, which can house 300 professionals. Owing to our domain and system knowledge, NewAge's KPO center will help clients standardise processes and improve productivity, thus helping them deliver more value to customers, faster.

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