INTERVIEW: Jasleem Meethal, MD, Jenae Logistics

Five minutes with Jasleem Meethal, managing director of Jenae Logistics.
Jasleem Meethal, managing director, Jenae Logistics.
Jasleem Meethal, managing director, Jenae Logistics.


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What is jenae logistics currently focusing on?
Healthcare companies are looking beyond traditional markets for growth, so they need scalable, secure and compliant supply chains. This is a fast growing sector, and it needs to be supported with a proper supply chain. We are presently concentrating on providing specialised industry solutions through the efficient integration of logistics services.

We work with some of the world’s leading companies and with other clients in related industries like medical and laboratory equipment, medical disposables, personal care, and beauty care categories. We focus on both standard and specialist transportation solutions, including where a temperature controlled environment is required.

What are your main goals for 2015?
Our short term goals are to increase efficiency in storage, transportation and communication; improve customer service; increase sales; and enhance relationships with vendors, customers and brokers.

What is your favourite aspect of working in the logistics industry?
Logistics is one of the most significant career fields, as the industry is an important driver of economic growth and development. Without the planning and execution of the distribution of resources, the world as we know it would cease to function.

Most organisations use logistics either to bring in supplies and raw materials they need in order to operate. Inbound logistics are then used in combination with outbound logistics to distribute products or services where they are in demand.

As the global economy has expanded, logistics has become increasingly important and offers a challenging career path. Logistics jobs are often interesting, demanding and can lead to the development of new skills. This in turn can open up new opportunities and offer experience in international business, communicating with different kinds of people, and advancing technologies, for example.

What sets Jenae Logistics apart?
This is probably the most important question that any organisation in a competitive market needs to answer; it’s the thing we want our customers to say about us and our prospective customers to think about us. A challenge in the logistics industry is that the potential clients can think the services and benefits one offers are very similar to a host of competitors but that is not the case in reality. 

Jenae Logistics is more than just a name and a logo; it represents a promise to the customers, assuring quality, reliability and good service. Firstly, communication is a key factor in imparting these principles, and in establishing and nurturing our relationships with customers.

We do not believe in recruiting more sales people and getting lots of customers on board; instead, we focus on making our back office strong & providing better service to our existing customers. Most of our new customers are referred by happy existing customers.

Second, we believe our employees are the most valuable asset of our organisation. We always remember that it is our people who deliver what clients need and we are more of a family than company. We try to maintain a very high level of energy and open door policy, which helps our employees to do their best.

And lastly, another point that sets us apart, is that instead of competing on price, we strive to convince our customers that we are the best because of what we offer them through our service and our values.

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