Sohar Freezone CEO to give outlook on shipping in Oman

Sohar Freezone CEO Jamal Aziz to discuss future of Oman shipping industry at Symposium on Ports in Oman 2015
Jamal Aziz, CEO, Sohar Freezone
Jamal Aziz, CEO, Sohar Freezone


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The CEO of Sohar Freezone, Jamal Aziz, will deliver a keynote speech at the Symposium on Ports in Oman 2015 at Rustaq College of Applied Sciences, offering an opportunity for the logistics hub to showcase its importance to Omani shipping and the wider economy.

The symposium on the future of the shipping industry in Oman is due to be held on May 5-6, 2015 will bring industry leaders, investors, researchers, and policy makers together to discuss the outlook and challenges for the industry in the coming years.

"The Symposium on Ports in Oman promises to be a great opportunity for us to assess the progress that the shipping industry in Oman has made as a whole,” says Aziz.

He added that the event will also enable companies like Sohar Freezone “to refocus our attention on the business potential, the challenges, and opportunities that will emerge as the economy continues to strive towards diversification."

"For SOHAR, supporting this event is indicative of our desire to share the global insights we've gained during a decade of successful partnership with Port of Rotterdam, including efforts to promote investment; supply chain management, entrepreneurship, and economic integration, among others," said Aziz.

Sohar Freezone is a major logistics hub in Oman, with ambitions to be the leading cargo hub in the country in the years ahead.

It has already attracted investment of US $21-billion from foreign companies alone and boasts a rapidly expanding portfolio of petrochemicals, metals, and logistics operations.

A multibillion dollar food industry is under construction, and investment in bringing rail, air, and improved road transport networks to Sohar, will underpin its ambitions to create a world-class food transhipment hub.

SOHAR has created 12,000 direct job opportunities, and Aziz said that the venue for the symposium was telling, because the Oman economy needs highly-skilled graduates to continue its growth.

"That we are to convene at a college of applied sciences is significant for a number of reasons; most of all for the acquired talent that is essentially needed in growing Omani economy,” he said.

“The thirst for knowledge and the ability to successfully apply that knowledge through applied sciences has been the bedrock of our success at Sohar," Aziz added.

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