Over 11,000 Abu Dhabi cars 'not roadworthy' in Q1 2014

Abu Dhabi Police fined more than 11,000 drivers for technical glitches that could have caused accidents.
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The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police has issued more than 11,000 traffic fines during the first quarter of 2014 for vehicles that are technically unfit for use on the road. 

The technical glitches include worn-out tires, gas emissions that exceed specified standards, and broken indicators or lights.

In a statement, Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Saif Al Mazroui, chief of Peripheral Regions Traffic Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to ensure the validity and good condition of their vehicles' tires, inspect the rear and side view mirrors, the four directional signals and the brakes efficiency.

He also highlighted the importance of checking the vehicle’s oil level and quality, as well as the air conditioning system and cooling system (water level, hoses and radiator cap), the tires, mirrors, lights, breaks, seal belts, head restaints, child safet

As a part of awareness programmes organised within Arab Traffic Week 2015, Colonel Al Mazroui advised drivers to park their vehicle on the right side of the road and activate warning signals to warn vehicles coming from behind in case of emergencies.

“In case of engine overheating, drivers must wait until they are certain that the engine is cool before opening the radiator cap and filling it with water; they need to make sure they close the engine cover, restart the engine and then head to the nearest vehicle repair shop,” he advised. 

He encouraged drivers to keep basic safety items in the vehicle, including a spare tire, a tool kit, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, flares or a reflective triangle, a mobile device battery charger, an electric tire inflator and a flashlight.

Traffic law stipulates several sanctions for unfit commercial vehicles, including:

  • driving a vehicle that causes pollution, punishable with a fine of AED 500;
  • vehicle unfit for driving, punishable by a fine of AED 200 in addition to vehicle confiscation for seven days;
  • driving with tires in poor condition punishable by a fine of AED 200 and vehicle confiscation for seven days;
  • broken lights punishable by a fine of AED 200 and 6 black points;
  • broken indicator lights, punishable by a fine of AED 100 and two black points;
  • and driving a noisy vehicle, punishable by a fine of AED 500 and vehicle confiscation for 30 days.

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