WATCH: Saudi child filmed driving 200kph on highway

The child, who looks under the age of ten, was filmed by a passenger in the vehicle.
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A 15-second video showing a child driving a van in Saudi Arabia at a speed of 200kph, viewed by nearly 284,000 people. has sparked outrage.

The clip shows a young boy, seemingly less than 10 years old, driving the vehicle and overtaking cars on a busy highway in the Kingdom, reports Gulf News.

Ali Al Rashidi, spokesperson for the traffic general directorate, said “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards allowing young people to drive. The parents are held legally responsible for any accident that may occur.

"We request all parents to make sure their sons do not drive for their own safety and the safety of others."

He added that the child's parents had "lost their sense of responsibility".

Online users expressed anger with the passenger who filmed the child, the newspaper reports.

“This is not at all and in any way of source of pride for the father,” one blogger posted. “The van could have easily overturned if the boy lost control for a fleeting second since he was speeding. It is totally reckless.”


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