Massar strengthens supply chain with GORICA reefers

Massar Solutions enhances supply chain business with acquisition of GORICA Krone Reefer Body Semi Trailers
At an official ceremony, Domen Bockor, GORICA’s GM of sales and marketing handed the new trailers over to Brent Melvin, Massar’s GM of supply chain so
At an official ceremony, Domen Bockor, GORICA’s GM of sales and marketing handed the new trailers over to Brent Melvin, Massar’s GM of supply chain so


Abu Dhabi-based Massar Solutions, a provider of vehicle rental, fleet and supply chain solutions, has announced the acquisition of several Krone Reefer Body Semi Trailers, manufactured by GORICA Group, in a move to modernise its growing supply chain business.

The 15-metre long, state of the art semi-trailers are equipped with Thermo King SLX 400-50 chiller units and are capable of keeping produce frozen, chilled and fresh at temperatures ranging between -20 and +18 degrees Celsius throughout the supply chain.

“Advanced, optimised logistics solutions are imperative to meet the challenges presented by transporting food and pharmaceutical products for long distances in a harsh climate,” said Brent Melvin, Massar’s GM of supply chain solutions. “We decided to modernise our current fleet after careful consideration of our growing operational needs alongside our clients’ requirements. We also chose technology that goes beyond the current regulatory standards in place.”

According to a study by the United Nations, one third of perishable goods is lost or wasted globally – equating to 1.3-billion tonnes per year. Consumer health, as well as billions of dollars is at risk, as perishables move through the global chain says Massar.

As the UAE imports 90% of its food and is positioned at the centre of a US $9.4-billion market serving the GCC and Africa, the critical need for a high level of supply chain safety and efficiency becomes clear.

“As a market leader, it is vital for us to keep ahead of the technology curve so as to provide customised solutions that ensure an efficient, cost-effective and seamless flow of goods,” Melvin added. “The quality of the Krone vehicles manufactured by GORICA is exemplary and we are delighted to have partnered with them.”

The intelligent telematics system provides Massar and its customers with the ability to record and constantly monitor in real time a whole range of data via a web portal. This includes engine and driver performance, trailer temperature and payload condition, door openings, tyre pressure, travel time and, route progress. In case of irregularities, fluctuations or unexpected events, an immediate alert is sent directly to the user’s PC via SMS, e-mail, or a popup window.

“The future focus on our GORICA Frigo division and all the product options that come along with it is an imperative part of our long term strategy where we aim to penetrate and cater to the growing food and medicine distribution industry,” says Ivan Fornazaric, the owner and MD of GORICA Group.

Last year, GORICA Group purchased a suite of plant equipment from German company Krone in a bid to increase its refrigerated semi-trailer production capacity. GORICA Group operates three production facilities in Jebel Ali Industrial Zone Area 2 and a production facility in Dubai Industrial City (DIC).