GES UAE office posts 7% gross revenue growth in 2014

Globe Express Services says strong revenue was driven by thriving domestic demand for logistics services and the UAE's increasing economic prosperity.
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Globe Express Services (GES) announced that its UAE operations recorded a 7% gross revenue increase in 2014 compared to 2013.

In a statement, the company said last year’s strong revenue was driven by thriving domestic demand for modern logistics services on the back of the UAE's increasing economic prosperity.

Mustapha Kawam, managing director-Gulf States, GES, said: “GES has achieved a good and consistent growth in 2014 due to its continuous improvement in strategic areas of its UAE operations. We expect to maintain our strong performance this year with expectations of the domestic market further gaining substantial significant growth.

"Our goal is to consistently meet the rapidly increasing demand for world-class logistics services. This 2015, we remain confident in our direction as we plan to invest for more future growth and prepare for new important opportunities buoyed by the steady local economic expansion.”

The value of the UAE logistics sector is expected to reach $27 billion this year due to a substantial increase in import and export trade volumes as well as an upward trend in manufacturing activities.

In Dubai, the burgeoning maritime sector is also seen to contribute to the industry’s further expansion in the next few years.


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