Aviation summit to highlight ground damage prevention

A lack of compliance with international ground handling regulations is making aircraft runway accidents a global challenge.
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Industry-leading aviation experts speaking at the 3rd World Aviation Safety Summit this year will discuss the measures regional players are taking to minimise accidents due to ground damage, the primary cause of aviation accidents in the Middle East.

The summit will be held on the 16 & 17 March 2015 in Dubai, hosted by the Government of Dubai and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

Specialist strategy sessions at the summit will explore how the aviation sector can strengthen runway safety and reduce aircraft excursions. as well as the role of air traffic controllers in runways and taxiways safety, especially in cases of emergency landing.

Aircraft runway accidents continue to be a common global industry challenge, attributed to the lack of compliance with international ground handling regulations.

According to IATA, this is becoming an escalating issue in the region where it is witnessing rapid growth with rising flight activity.

“Safety remains the top priority for air travel in the Middle East,” said Capt. Joachim Wirths, head of operations at Qatar Civil Aviation Authority.

“We have extensive systems in place to maintain our safety record and are extending greater coordination across different areas including innovation and training between the parties involved. Performance-based oversight and risk-based decision making are the proper tools to deal with the fast growing regional aviation industry.”

Henry Donohoe, senior vice president group safety at Emirates, added: “Airlines and airports are continuing to invest heavily in training and technology; however, innovation should not be limited to airlines. Ground handlers, air traffic controllers and other service providers should all coordinate to help improve our industry safety record.”

In addition to aircraft ground damage, other safety issues such as aircraft tracking, the risk of carrying hazardous items, effective collaboration and risk of remotely piloted aircraft systems will be discussed at the two-day event.

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