KOTC has top two tankers

Al Kout and Al Dasma selected for honours.
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Two Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) vessels have been named the world’s top tankers for 2014, the company announced.

Al Kout was termed as the most “environmental, piracy protected and proven” in the world by the Maritime Reporter and Engineering News magazine, while Marinelog chose Al Dasma as the top “environmentally friendly crude oil tanker.”

The choice reflects commitment to safety and security on board KOTC tankers, and the company’s dedication to its responsibilities as a national and a strategic carrier, CEO Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah told the Kuwait News Agency.

This is realised through firm operational procedures and adoption of the highest quality in terms of security and safety, Sheikh Talal added, congratulating the company’s staff for their sincere efforts and hard work raising it to the rank of the world’s leading firms in the field.

Meanwhile, KOTC said in an inclusive statement to KUNA that it had received the giant Al Kout, built in South Korea, last October, with a length of 333 meters and a width of 60 metres.

It is fully equipped with the latest relevant systems and technology which secured it the rank of the world’s most efficient vessel regarding loading and unloading as well as the most environment-friendly, it added.

The 249-meter long and 32-meter wide Al Dasma was also built in South Korea, the company said.

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