World's largest ship on maiden voyage

CSCL Globe can carry 19,000 containers.
CSCL Globe.
CSCL Globe.


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CSCL (China Shipping Container Lines Co.Ltd) Globe, the world’s largest container vessel, held a grand maiden voyage ceremony in Singapore on Thursday.

The CSCL Globe, which is 400 meters long and 60 meters wide, is the first of the five sister ships built by the Republic of Korea’ s Hyundai Heavy Industries for CSCL.

The vessel is bigger than four football fields combined and stands 10 storeys high. It is capable of carrying 19,100 containers, making it the largest container vessel in the world.

Building mega ships has become a new trending of shipping lines under the “New Norms” of global economy and shipping industry, it is also an important measure to implement green technology, said Sui Jun, deputy manager of CSCL.

“Compared with ordinary 10,000-TEU container ships, it can save about 20 percent in energy consumption and reduce 30,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.” Sui said.

Sui said that Singapore is one of the important legs of Silk Road at Sea, as well as transshipment hub in Southeast Asia, and CSCL will take this as an opportunity to upgrade the fleet and provide better logistic services to its customers.
CSCL, the global container liner service provider, is affiliated with China Shipping Group, which was founded in 1997 in Shanghai.

The group has established over 400 sales outlets in more than 100 countries in the world.

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