Number of Dubai Uber drivers grows 17 times in year

As Dubai taxi fare almost equals Uber, the service's popularity soars.
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The number of drivers partnering with private car service Uber in the UAE has grown 17 times since it launched in the country in September 2013, according to J.P. Mondalek, Uber’s general manager for the UAE.

And while UberBlack has a minimum fare of AED 20 ($5), UberX starts of AED 13 ($2.50), which is just one dirham more than the new minimum fare for hailing one of the Roads & Transport Authority's (RTA) official fleet of taxis.

The authority raised the minimum fare in Dubai from AED 10 ($3) to Dh12 ($3.30) from 7 December, stating that the change is intended to encourage people to use public transport.

Uber covers about 250 cities in 50 countries. A year ago, it operated in 60 cities in 21 countries.

This week the service was banned in Dheli after a male driver allegedly raped a female passenger. 

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