Six Saudi schools scrapped to make way for train line

Schools' location is on the same path as the Makkah train project.
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Six education facilities in Makkah will be demolished as they are located in the path of the Makkah rail project.  

The executive committee of Makkah Public Transport Project took the decision to remove the buildings, reports Arab News, with mayor and chairman of the committee Osama Al-Bar urging the General Directorate of Education, which owns the buildings, to evacuate the schools quickly.

The newspaper reports that the schools affected are: King Abdulaziz Secondary School of Boys in Al-Azizia district, the Scout Center in Al-Azizia district, Al-Saadia Elementary School for Boys in Al-Tayseer district, Musab bin Omair Middle School for Boys in Al-Tayseer district, Elementary and Middle Schools Complex 26 for Girls in Al-Otaibih district, and Hisham bin Abdul Malik Primary School for Boys in Al-Umrah district.

Makkah faces significant congestion and transportation challenges as a focal point of the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage, which attracts millions of visitors to the city every year.

The city's own population is also growing rapidly and is estimated to reach three million by 2035.

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