Rail network 'to usher in new era of economic growth'

Logistics Middle East reveals DWC logistics VP's rail predictions.
Mohsen Ahmad, VP, Logistics District, Dubai World Central.
Mohsen Ahmad, VP, Logistics District, Dubai World Central.


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The impending GCC-wide railway will usher in a new era of ecomomic growth, according to the vice president of Dubai World Central's Logistics District, Mohsen Ahmad.

"What the GCC rail network will do is aptly complement the positive growth exhibited by the GCC region and propel its countries into a new era of economic stability," Ahmad remarked in an interview with Logistics Middle East for the December issue of the magazine. 

He also highlighted the importance of ensuring synergy between different modes of transport to ensure connectvity.

"If the inner-city transportation network is not incricate enough and built to meet large volumes in movement of goods, rail will not be an option. The GCC rail project is meant to complement the existing mode for the movement of goods between the regions and will result in significantly impacting the growth of the logistics industry in the GCC; in no way will it act as a replacemnent to the road transporation sector," he added. 

The GCC railway project is due for completion in 2018. 

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