UASC unveils plans to expand reefer business

Announcement made at WOP Dubai.


The United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) plans to make significant investment in new reefer units, the Company announced at WOP Dubai, the international perishables expo for the Middle East.

The expansion of its fleet of refrigerated units and enhanced geographic access to the South America trades – following UASC’s recently announced cooperation with Hamburg Süd – ensures that all UASC customers now have access to the important South America trades as part of UASC’s comprehensive global reach, including those moving refrigerated cargo.

Gareth Madsen, head of reefer management at UASC, said through partnerships with leading operators, investment in some of the largest and most eco-efficient container vessels ever built, and a commitment to expanding reefer services, UASC is moving up the rankings of the global container liner shipping industry in a way that reflects its strategic growth plans.

“We are continuously investing in our container fleet to meet customer demand and to comply with the most up-to-date specifications. Expanding our reefer fleet will ensure that we continue to offer our customers the most cutting-edge, energy-efficient solutions for the carriage of frozen and chilled cargoes.”

With a global network servicing established and emerging markets, UASC’s steadily expanding reefer fleet is one of the youngest in the industry, with an average reefer container age of three years. Significantly, 80 per cent of UASC’s current reefer fleet has the ability to measure the CO2 levels of the cargo and automatically ventilate as required, enhancing both product quality and environmental performance.

Designed to automatically regulate the internal atmosphere of the container, the AV+ system uses greatly reduced energy consumption compared to manual or other automated fresh air systems. It intelligently monitors the concentration of O2 and CO2 gases inside the container, resulting in an optimum atmosphere and the safest possible transport of the valuable cargo.

Specialised product management is crucial to successfully transporting reefer cargo. This includes both chilled and frozen cargo – commodities such as meat, fish, poultry, fresh produce, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

UASC’s dedicated professionals help customers by providing guidance in this process, including input on temperature, humidity and ventilation, among other specifications, and quality control procedures.

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