India calls for more ships

Lack of vessels to delay new route between India & Bangladesh.


Officials in India claim a lack of qualified vessels could force the delay of a new shipping route between India and Bangladesh, which was set to commence next month.

According to reports from India, the country’s Department of Shipping said it received a list of 18 vessels from the Bangladesh Coastal Shipowners Association, however very few of them met the requirements of the Indian Registry of Shipping.

The report suggests that India’s new target is to hold a trial run by the end of October even if only one or two vessels are found fit.

Most of the Bangladeshi coastal vessels have no insurance coverage from P&I clubs, something that would be a serious problem if they tried to ply along the Indian coast.

Bangladesh is reportedly relying on its neighbour’s goodwill to relax the conditions.

Currently, shipments between the two countries are conducted via third ports, like Singapore or Colombo.

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