Truck drivers defy city entry ban in Saudi Arabia

Lack of appropriate space is preventing impounding violating vehicles.
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Truck drivers in Jeddah are defying the municipality's ban on driving on the city's highways during peak hours, with many avoiding traddic police by driving through residential areas, reports Arab News

Saeed Al-Bassami, chairman of the transport committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), said that penalties have not been enforced because the 12 sites where trucks are supposed be impounded are not yet ready.

The transport committee will study the impact of the impounding decision on the sector three months after implementation, he said.

Trucks are banned from entering the city of Jeddag from 6am to 9am, between 12pm and 3 pm, and from 5pm to 1am.

Arab News reported previously that Jeddah traffic department had urged the municipality to establish and supervise parking lots for trucks outside the city with a full range of services, and that police checkpoints ensured trucks comply with the ban.

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