Dubai warehouse raids net over 1m counterfeit drugs

The seizure "protects Dubai’s reputation as a trading hub".
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By Andy Sambidge

More than one million counterfeit goods were seized in Dubai after inspectors raided two warehouses in the emirate, the Department of Economic Development (DED) said on Sunday.

The confiscated products, which claimed to be weight loss drugs, performance enhancers or cosmetics were worth $4.62million, DED said in a statement.

The raids conducted by special teams from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in DED were part of the efforts to protect trademarks and clear unhealthy products and practices from the local market, it added.

Among the confiscated goods, those meant for the local market will be destroyed while those stored for re-export will be sent back to their country of origin.

DED said it will also impose fines on the violators.

Abdullah Al Shehi, director of Intellectual Property Protection Department at CCCP, said: “We monitor the market and take action against those violating trademarks as such steps are necessary to protect Dubai’s reputation as a trading hub and preferred business destination.

“Our teams work round the clock inspecting shops and warehouses, launching campaigns against counterfeiting in co-operation with other government agencies concerned and also conducting investigations and raids whenever needed.”

Ibrahim Behzad, senior manager in the Intellectual Property Rights section of DED, added: “Fake products, particularly medicines and cosmetics, not only violate trademarks but also lead to negative, and sometimes long term, impact on public health. Consumers not only lose money buying them but the contents of some of these products such as performance enhancers can also cause cancers if not stored properly.”

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