UAE drivers face $50 fine for obstructing traffic

New law applies to uninjured drivers in road accidents.
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Drivers in the UAE who are involved in minor accidents will soon have to move their vehicles off main roads or face a $54 (200 AED) fine, Gulf News reports. 

The Ministry of Interior has announced that the new federal traffic law, which aims to prevent congestion and keep traffic flowing smoothly, applies from September 15.

Brigadier Gaith Hassan Al Za’abi, director-general, Traffic Coordination Department, Ministry of Interior, said that in cases where no physical injuries are incurred, all the drivers involved in the crash must stop their vehicles in the nearest available spot that does not affect other cars.

Failure to do this will make the drivers subject to a fine for ‘obstruction of traffic’ as motorists who leave their cars on main roads often cause further accidents in addition to congestion.

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