Renewed freight route contract for SRO

SRO is keen to increase its share of the freight market.
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Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO) president Mohamed Khalid Al-Suwaiket has signed a contract with the branch of China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. (CRCC) in Saudi Arabia to renew first phase of the 78.4km main freight route No. 2 between Dammam and Riyadh.

The 21-month contract aims to enhance SRO's operational capacity to meet the growing private sector demand for transportation by train. 

Al-Suwaiket said that the SRO is keen to increase its share of the freight market, emphasising the advantages of movement by train in terms of safety and security, as well as benefits to the national economy as rail transport could help reduce accidents on the roads and road maintenance costs while cutting environmental pollution.

Al-Suwaiket explained that the SRO is currently working on completing the bidding documents for the second phase of the project of renewing 91km of the freight line between Dammam and Riyadh.

Al-Suwaiket added that this contract is part of SRO's efforts made to upgrade and develop the efficiency of the existing railway network as well as the SRO's transport fleet of wagons, locomotives and new regulations to achieve the standards that have been agreed for the transport by train within the GCC.

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