New road safety law targets heavy vehicles

Excess weight in trucks is a common fault causing road accidents.
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The maximum weight that truckers shoulded to load on their trucks in the UAE is currently under discussion by a subcommittee of the Federal Traffic Council in an effort to curb accidents involving heavy vehicles.

Besides being difficult to manoeuver when carrying too much weight, which can create problems for other road users, Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, head of the council, said overloaded trucks cause damage to roads.

"Furthermore, when an overloaded truck is involved in an accident, it can become complete chaos," he added.

Excess weight in trucks is among the most common faults that lead to accidents, pointed out Sultan Al Kutbi, director of monitoring and enforcement of the licensing agency at the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

"When a law regulating weight is in place, this will be one of the aspects we will be monitoring," Al Kutbi said. 

Each truck or heavy bus will have a smart device or telematics installed in it, which will report any kind of fault directly to the Licensing Agency.

The RTA has previously said trucks and buses can poses significant dangers to road users and traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles tend to result in a high number of causalities.

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