Arab-owned supercars flown to London on cargo jets

The vehicles are transported at a cost of more than $30k.
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PHOTOS: The supercars flown to London on cargo jets

Ferraris, Bugattis and Lamborghinis are among the supercars that have taken to the skies in recent weeks to make the 5,000km journey from the Middle East to London for the summer.

Each year car owners, primarily from  Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, pay in excess of $30,000 for a return journey to charter their luxury vehicles in cargo jets so that they can escape the heat for a few weeks and show off their prized posessions in the affluent neighbourhoods of London.

One airline offering this cargo service is Qatar Airways, which flies up to 31 cars at a time from Doha to Heathrow, secured to the floor of each Airbus A330 either in a single row or in a side-by-side configuration.

Once the vehicles arrive in London they attract the attention of tourists and car enthusiasts alike. The drivers who travelled following shortly after the end of Ramadan, usually remain in the UK's capital for six to eight weeks..

Previous summers have seen expensive cars clamped outside department store Harrods, towed for being uninsured and locals complain about being kept awake at night by revving engines.

Parking fines handed out to cars registered in the UAE have nearly doubled in the last three years, according to one local authority in the city.

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