Imam quizzed over liquor in Dammam airport

'highly awkward and embarrassing situation' for iman.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.


A mosque imam in Saudi Arabia has been quizzed at Damman airport over bottles of hard liquor found in his bags.

Hassan Abu Wessam was returning home with his family and their domestic help from a vacation in Malaysia, arriving at the Eastern Province airport in Saudi Arabia, when customs officers checked their bags and found several small bottles of alcohol.

The imam denied any knowledge about how the bottles were put in the bags, local daily Al Riyadh reported, and described himself as "lost for words".

An investigation by customs officials revealed that the domestic helper had taken the alcohol from a hotel room and put them in the bag without telling her employers.

The imam’s wife said that she used the credit card to pay for the hotel, but did not go through the bill and did not notice the fees for the fridge drinks consumption, Gulf News reports.

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