Dubai-based charter firm in emergency evacuation ops

Aerovista rescues people in Iraq and Libya.
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Aerovista, a Dubai-based charter and leasing firm, has been part of a series of emergency evacuation flights from Libya and Iraq, it has announced.

Thirteen flights were carried out within a week on behalf of Air Charter Service, Air Charter International and Air Partner.

“Emergency evacuation of personnel from hostile areas is always a challenge as human lives are at stake,” said Razvan Dobre, from Air Charter International. “The recent situation in Libya necessitated quick action from all parties concerned, including the Charterer, Aerovista and Air Charter International. This resulted in achieving the goal in a satisfactory manner – all passengers were evacuated safely.”

Together with Air Partner PLC, Aerovista evacuated 39 people out of Erbil, Iraq.

Clive Chalmers, from Air Partner PLC, said: “In a pressured situation working to short leads times in a challenging environment, Air Partner requires trusted airline suppliers to work alongside in order to achieve client satisfaction.”

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