Drydocks World celebrates successful project completion

Turret modules ready for the world’s largest Turret Mooring System.


 Drydocks World has successfully completed Turret modules 1& 2 to ‘sail away’ for the world’s largest floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility.

This innovative FLNG facility will be stationed by Shell at its Prelude gas field off the northwest coast of Australia, unlocking new essential energy resources offshore to meet growing demand.

Once all six Turret modules are integrated in Korea and transported to Australia, they will comprise the largest Turret Mooring System in the world, weighing over 11,000 tons.

For the first time at Drydocks World- Dubai, 8 lines of 2x22 axle Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT) were used to load out Turret modules 1 & 2 onto the ‘KOREX’ shipping vessel sailing for Korea.

As one of the most powerful heavy-duty transport systems worldwide, the SPMT equipment was used to load the heavy Turret components from the quay onto the barge.

Due to the weight of the Turret structures, Drydocks World’s quay strength was challenged and determined strong enough to sustain the loads of Turret Modules 1 & 2. In conjunction with the advanced SPMT technology, the Mediterranean mooring maneuver was used with additional load out plates, in order to balance the immense operation. With the extreme size and weight to transport, Drydocks equipment and workforce maintained a safe and secure environment, successfully delivering the pioneering Turret Modules load out.

Drydocks World says it is privileged to be working with SBM Offshore, Technip and Shell on such a vital element of the Prelude FLNG project.

It says the Turret Mooring System it has developed is pivotal to the project for its ability to anchor the FLNG facility, securing the vessel at location for the duration of production operations. The Turret design will enable the FLNG facility to weathervane freely and remain stable against harsh weather conditions, including high velocity tropical cyclones. At nearly 100-metres, the Turret will be taller than the ‘Big Ben’ clock tower in London, making it the largest Turret ever completed.

The Shell Prelude FLNG will bring new energy sources to the market that would alternatively be difficult to develop and not economically viable. As the largest structure ever sent to sea, displacing as much water as a fleet of six aircraft carriers, the Prelude FLNG will produce at least 3.6 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year, delivering an essential energy resource.

His Excellency Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World said Drydocks World is proud to be part of this important milestone in offshore gas liquefaction and to be involved in such a prestigious, record-breaking project.

“In constructing the world’s largest Turret for the global gas industry, we have maintained our stringent quality and safety standards to mitigate all risks and hazards. With 5 million LTI-free man hours completed, this is a testament to the impeccable safety record Drydocks World maintains. In implementing a project of this magnitude, Drydocks World has demonstrated our advanced engineering capabilities, project management skills, and commitment to achieving Operational Excellence,” Buamim said.

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