Surge in logistics jobs on offer in the UAE

Purchase, logistics, and supply chain professionals are in demand.
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Demand for purchase, logistics, and supply chain professionals in the UAE has soared by 71 per cent, compared with 2013, according to the Monster Employment Index Middle East index.

This skills group also registered 23 percent growth in demand year-on-year following low levels since December 2013 and saw positive growth in demand on the month (measured in July) for the first time since February 2014.'s research, which gauged online job posting activity in the Middle East based on a review of tens of thousands of posted job opportunities, also revealed that this group topped the index's long-term growth chart.

Online job opportunities surged by over a quarter in the UAE, reports the recruitmenmt website. The country boasted the most notable growth year-on-year among all monitored countries by the Monster Employment Index Middle East index and this is the third positive growth in succession following 14 months of slump.

And though the UAE registered just one percent growth from June 2014, it was the only country to witness a positive growth on the month.

The overall Middle East index registered an 11 per cent growth in online recruitment activity, year-on-year.

“Online recruitment as per the Monster Employment Index is significantly above that in the corresponding period a year ago," Sanjay Modi, managing director, (India, Middle East, South East Asia and Hong Kong), confirmed.

"However, the growth momentum this month is the lowest since September 2013. The growth impetus in the region this year has been primarily driven by growth in BFSI; retail/trade and logistics; hospitality; and also the healthcare sector.

"The UAE continued an upward trend, with a 26 per cent year-on-year growth.”

Online demand expanded in nine of the eleven occupation groups monitored by the Index.

Launched in April 2011 with data collected since October 2010, the Monster Employment Index is a broad monthly analysis of online job demand in the Middle East conducted by Based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of online career outlets, including Monster Gulf, the Monster Employment Index presents a snapshot of employer online recruitment activity nationwide.

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