Tamper-proof meters installed in Qatar taxis

Qatar taxi drivers said new measure will reduce earnings.
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by Courtney Trenwith

Tamper-proof meters have been installed in some Doha taxis in a bid to crackdown on unscrupulous drivers.

According to Gulf Times, it had become common for taxi drivers to deliberately not turn on the meter or charge the night-time fare during the day.

Visitors arriving at the airport were the most common victims, the newspaper said.

The new metres do not allow drivers to disconnect the cable, making it more difficult for passengers to be fooled.
If the cable is tampered with, the taxi company’s headquarters is notified.

Drivers told Gulf Times they would “feel the pinch” with the new metres.

They called for their salaries to be increased rather than tamper-proof metres.

Doha taxi drivers on fixed incomes are paid an average $330 per month.

In September, the Dubai Roads and Traffic Authority also announced it would add sensors to some taxis, which would automatically start the metre when a passenger entered the vehicle.

Muhammad Yusuf Saleh, director of Fleet Driver Affairs at Dubai Taxi Corporation, said the sensors would eliminate "all unacceptable practices".

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