Pair cheat death as shipping container flattens car

Miraculous escape after car crushed in China.
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Two passengers were rescued from inside a car almost completely flattened by a shipping container last week, with the driver escaping with just minor injuries.

UK newspaper the Daily Mail reports that a truck carrying the container swerved to avoid a collision with another vehicle that was braking sharply in the city of Qingdao, eastern China, causing it to fall from the lorry and throw the container directly onto the car.

Emergency services were astonished to hear a woman's voice emerging from the squashed vehicle. upon arrival at the crash site. 

The fire brigade spokesman Chi Tang was quoted by the newspaper as saying: "We had a call about the accident to say that a lorry had fallen onto a car. We didn't expect anybody to be alive but then we heard a woman's voice and realised that actually somebody had survived."

He added that the crush had left only 24 inches of space left inside the car.

Traffic police used a 100-tonne crane to hoist the container while firefighters cut through the car to reach the accident victims. After lifting the container, the woman reportedly managed to give rescue workers a thumbs-up to show she was alive.

Miraculously, both the female driver and male passenger are set to make a full recovery. The driver reportedly suffered cuts and bruises while the passenger was hospitalised for his injuries, though they are not life-threatening.

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