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Georgina Gavin.
Georgina Gavin.


What got you interested in the shipping industry?

I must admit that I didn’t plan to work in the shipping industry. I am London born and bred, and whilst London is certainly an important centre for shipping services, there isn’t really a shipping culture in the city. Despite being so fundamental to our everyday lives, it’s not something people are really aware of, or even think about here. That’s why I really enjoy visiting cities like Athens, Hamburg and Oslo to name a few – where you feel much more closely connected to the industry through the people and your surroundings.

So I feel incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to our CEO Richard Rivlin several years ago through a mutual friend. It may not have been an obvious choice to my friends and family, but shipping immediately sparked my interest. I found it particularly fascinating to hear about the world’s biggest shipowners (a lot of them still family run, private companies) and how they operate. Unlike in many other industries, it seemed the Principals of these companies really do have complete control over every aspect of the running of their businesses. Which I liked.

Now I work with some of these shipowners I can testify that there are some incredible characters, each with their own unique style and stories to tell. What I have also found is that nearly everyone I have met and work with, across virtually all sectors, is hooked on shipping. I certainly won’t move away from it now. For most people the prospect of working in such an incredibly volatile and sometimes unpredictable industry (some might say scarily so!), would not be an attractive one. Which just goes to show, in my opinion, that you wouldn’t do it unless you loved it. And I think because of this, shipping has managed to maintain its own quirks and traditions you won’t see in many other industries.

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What is your favourite aspect of working in the shipping industry?

I think no matter who you are, even if shipping is in your blood, you will always keep learning in this industry. Whether it’s navigating your business through the ‘cycle’ or keeping up to date with new technical and commercial technologies – NOTHING in shipping is fixed. What we do at epitomises this exactly. Literally everyday we react to changes in the market. How do we decide to react to these changes? Whilst VV is a data driven service, we also draw on industry experts and personal relationships to remain firmly grounded in commercial reality and application. Being the first company to successfully combine the two through an automated online service has been a fantastic achievement.

What does do? makes it easy for shipping professionals to benefit from Big Data. We provide instant, data-driven ship valuations and market insights, used by the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, private equity, investment and hedge funds, shipowners and operators, lawyers, accountants and broking sectors. Our service helps existing and potential shipping investors save time and money, better quantify risk, improve reporting and identify opportunities.

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Why is VV different from other valuation services?

Unlike other valuation services, our algorithm means we can provide instant, unbiased values for specific vessels, entire fleets and individual portfolios, as well as full supporting information for values, accuracy statistics and formal valuation certificates, all at the click of a button. What’s more, VV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you never have to miss a thing.

What is next for

We are launching our new service VVQ Bespoke Consultancy, a collection of advanced analytical services, products and reports for maritime and finance professionals. Reports can be tailored to your preferences, are delivered in a time frame to suit the client, anywhere from weekly, monthly or yearly. We purposely designed VVQ to incorporate the same instant access of an entire ship database with unique and personalised reports.

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