Jazeera Airways’ A320s embark on cargo-only flights

Jazeera Airways’ narrow-bodies can carry 15 tonnes of cargo each with a range of six hours
Jazeera airways


Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways has operated its first cargo-only flight using one of its A320 narrow-bodies.

Jazeera’s passenger jet flew from Kuwait International Airport to Riyadh and back on 15 April on its cargo mission.

The all-cargo flight comes as part of the airline expanding its cargo capability during the Covid-19 shutdown of commercial passenger operations.

Its entire fleet of 14 A320 aircraft are available for cargo-only flights with a capacity of 15 tonnes per aircraft, within a range of six hours flying time from Kuwait.

The airline has also secured approval from Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation to carry cargo in the main cabin. Destination airports are subject to regulatory approvals from the host country.

Jazeera Airways’s CEO, Rohit Ramachandran, said: “In this challenging business environment, we have adapted quickly to focus on cargo opportunities.

“We are pleased to be able to serve companies and institutions with our cargo services, ensuring vital food and other supplies are brought into Kuwait.’’

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