Omnipack launches new logistics centres

13K sqm. and 200 employees - next day deliveries to Germany already in Q3
Warsaw, Poland.
Warsaw, Poland.


Even greater operational efficiency and automation: these are the tasks facing the new logistics centers of Omnipack, the leader of the e-commerce fulfillment market in Poland.

The brand-new logistics centres Omnipack will launch are going to be located in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw (Segro Logistics Park Warsaw), and in Gorzów Wielkopolski (Panattoni Park Gorzów). The total area of ​​the new warehouses is almost 13 thousand sqm.

According to a company spokesperson, Rafał Szcześniewski, founder & COO Omnipack, there is a dynamic increase in volumes served, and growing interest in Omnipack's services, which demands new operational space. These warehouses will be organised following new standards, taking into account the optimisation and automation of warehouse processes.

The location of the warehouse in Gorzów is not insignificant. Its launch is part of Omnipack's strategy for 2020 to jump-start its international expansion, in particular on the European market. Almost half of the company's business already comes from abroad.

"By opening a warehouse near the German-Polish border, we will be able to offer delivery services in this market as the next business day standard, and at a price close to the local domestic rates in Germany. Facilitating our operations on the European e-commerce market is a key element of building our competitive advantage," said Tomek Kasperski, founder & CEO Omnipack. "We intend to propose similar solutions in other countries soon." 

In total, the new Omnipack warehouses will employ over 200 employees, including both warehouse and team leaders, as well as administrative employees.

"Since the beginning of Omnipack's existence, people have been the foundation of our company. Thanks to the joint work of the warehouse team, but also our customer service and technology teams, we could offer our clients increasingly competitive services and help them compete with the industry giants," said Szcześniewski.

Fulfilment is an important element of e-commerce strategy

In 2019, it 62% of internet users purchase online, six per cent more than the year before. Customers need better solutions both in terms of the shopping convenience and quality of delivery. Omnipack helps online stores address these needs and high service demands.

The company operates in the fulfilment model - it offers online stores comprehensive operational services based on storage, packaging, shipping and returns, and technological services: integration with couriers and e-commerce platforms. In 2019, the company launched several new markets and released its bespoke technology: the Client Portal and Return Tool.

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