Saudi Customs launch Auto-Adjustment Program for Customs Data

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The General Authority of Customs launched the Auto-Adjustment Program for Customs Data on 1 January 2020, thereby enabling commercial importers to correct their customs data voluntarily.

Undersecretary for Revenues at the General Authority of Customs Dr. Mazen Al Zamil explained that the initiative is an opportunity for importers to correct their customs data following specific terms and procedures, noting that the initiative promotes transparency with investors and the business sector. He confirmed that the initiative provides conditions that will improve and enhance customs compliance and facilitate the work of importers, therefore achieving stability and growth for these companies.

Dr. Al Zamil clarified that the initiative will enable importers to voluntarily apply to correct customs data for customs fees that were not previously met due to inaccurate information related to the value, origin or type of goods, or in the event of occurrences following the organization of customs data that have not been declared to Saudi Customs. He noted that when stakeholders apply for correction before the discovery of errors by Saudi Customs or the issuance of subsequent audits on restrictions and records, they only need to pay the differences in customs fees and taxes. 

He went on to explain that the benefits and incentives of auto-adjustment are not eligible if a notice of subsequent audits is issued for the stakeholder or if errors are discovered before the importer submits the correction request.

Dr. Al Zamil added that importers can submit a correction request starting 1 January 2020 and for six months by logging into the initiative’s portal on the Saudi Customs website and following the steps for applying.

The post auditing of customs information is one of the most important Saudi Customs programs aiming to increase the efficiency of revenue

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