Bahri’s transports first chemical shipment from Aramco Trading Company

The 45,000 DWT Bahri chemical tanker left the Port of Rabigh heading to China, carrying Aramco Trading Company's first chemical shipment.
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Bahri has announced the transportation of the first chemical shipment from Aramco Trading Company (ATC) aboard ‘NCC Amal’.

The 45,000 DWT Bahri chemical tanker left the Port of Rabigh heading to China. ATC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco that trades refined, liquid chemical and polymer products.

The shipment, which contains 25,000 metric tonnes of paraxylene (PX) and 20,000 metric tonnes of monoethylene glycol (MEG), marks the completion of Phase II of the Petro Rabigh Company (PRC) project.

The completion of phase 2 was celebrated at a special ceremony in the presence of Abdullah Aldubaikhi, CEO of Bahri‎, Nasser D. Al-Mahasher, CEO of PRC, Ibrahim Q. Al-Buainain, CEO of ATC, and other representatives from the three companies.

‘NCC Amal’ will transport monoethylene glycol (MEG) in addition to the first paraxylene (PX) cargo, which will be sold during its turnaround to the world’s largest PX consumers through S-OIL, a leading company in the lubricant market, established in 1976 and 63.4% of its shares is owned by Saudi Aramco.

“Bahri enjoys a long-standing relationship with Aramco Trading Company and Petro Rabigh Company, and the completion of the Phase II of the PRC project initiated by ATC, PRC, and Bahri Chemicals, represents the success of our sustained partnership with these two leading industry players,” said Abdullah Aldubaikhi, CEO of Bahri.

“We look forward to transporting more chemicals cargo for our clients and partners, and further strengthening our position in this important sector,” he added.

S-OIL has facilities that produce lube base oil and petrochemical products, in addition to crude oil refining facilities with a capacity of 669,000 barrels a day at the Onsan Industrial Complex in Ulsan, South Korea.

The company owns the Xylene Center, which is the world’s largest PX production facility, and operates the world’s largest Bunker-C Cracking Center.

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